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Feathers so

More painful than love… are the secrets that bind and divide us.

Adrift in a sky shadowed by war,
We seek, we ache,
Searching for the woman who fled us.

We shattered her heart, but she unfurled her feathers,
Our sweetheart, our little dove,
Escaping our talons on pure white wings.

One of us soars over battlements,
Haunted by past mistakes,
Vowing never to repeat them.

The other storms through walls of stone and hatred,
Eager to destroy the shackles of his past,
Determined to shackle her to him instead.

Loyalties are torn.
Friendships are tested.
Among the chaos, one claim stands irrefutably:
We will get her back.
She will be ours.

Come home to us, white Raven.

Shadows so Cruel is a full-length dark fantasy romance novel, and book two in the Court of Ravens duet. The two-part story features two morally gray raven shifters, a young woman at the mercy of their shadows, and a HEA. This world contains dark elements, violence, and themes some may find disturbing. Readers can find more detailed information on What this book doesn't contain is a hero - because villains do it better. And two do it better than one…

Liv's debut novel "King of Flesh and Bone" is a deliciously dark tale with a villain I loved to hate. 


Praise & Reviews

I have no idea what my daughter is writing since she refuses to let me read it, but I'm sure it's fantastic.

Liv's mom

The vibrancy of the worlds Liv builds is second only to the emotional depth of her characters.



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